of Protection


COVID-19 affects each person differently. Protect yourself and others using properly certified personal protective material. Remember that the adoption of these acts on a daily basis are fundamental for individual and collective success.

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Commercialization and distribution of medicines, sanitary products and health products in the dental sector, nationally and internationally.

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Substances or compositions of substances that have curative or preventive properties for diseases and their symptoms, in man or animal, with a view to establishing a medical diagnosis or restoring, correcting or modifying their functions.

Medical devices

Medical devices are important health instruments that encompass a wide range of products. They are intended, by their manufacturer, to be used for purposes common to those of medicines such as preventing, diagnosing or treating a human disease.

Hospital Supplies

All devices, materials or accessories that are associated with the defense and protection of individual or collective health, or for diagnostic and analytical purposes.


A variety of products aimed at improving the patient’s quality of life and well-being.