Get to know our solutions in the area of storage and distribution.


We are a company that works in the health area

We are a company that works in the health area, having a special focus on Oncology Medicine. Responsible for the distribution of medicines, medical devices, hospital supplies and consumables. We obey the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Our Values

We strive for seriousness and professional ethics.

Our main focus is the people we work with and we strive to develop relationships for life. We find suitable solutions, not forgetting the identity of each or each Country. We are a company focused on well serve our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality service.

By presenting our clients with innovative solutions that guarantee value and thus create bonds of trust and unity, always respecting their identity.

Our Methodology

Specialists in the distribution of pharmaceutical products

Lab52's commitment is based on offering a quality service and personalized accompaniment, together with an entrepreneurial spirit that seeks the best solutions to the challenges that Hospitals face today.


We export in all therapeutic areas as well as Hospital supplies and Consumables.


We distribute it throughout the national territory in accordance with Good Distribution Practices.


Company with a trained Staff to answer all questions of our clients.


Storage according to the National and International Standards, cold chain controlled according to the Good Practices.