Fluoride Gel

Strawberry Flavor

Incorporates hydrofluoric acid: Greater resistance of the dental enamel against microorganisms, adequate prophylaxis against dental caries is achieved.

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About the Product

Just a minute of application..
Thixotropic (does not fall out of the bucket).
Pleasant flavours (cherry, strawberry and mint).
It has DENT registration.
The bottle includes a level indicator.


ORTHODONTICS: In all treatments where there is contact with metal, for example braces.

CLEANING: When cleaning with ultrasound, some aggression to the enamel is produced; the dental structure must be reinforced and hypersensitivity must be prevented.

PERIODONTICS: Helps during the process of periodontal scaling and reduces hypersensitivity.

PROSTHESIS: Removableprosthesesconstitute a constant aggression to the enamel of the supporting teeth.


Fluoride Gel-Strawberry Flavor
Ref. 08-005