We were born in 2016, the result of a dream and the innovative spirit of those who believe that life only makes sense when it is thought and realized. Pharmaceutical market knowers define our lines by levels over time.


Our start
as a company

We were born in 2016 working in the pharmacy market. We gained experience and quickly evolved into the hospital market. In this area, we started our internationalization by embracing oncology and its growth in African countries. With the mission of providing, supporting and developing health plans in the countries and cultures with which we work, we have assembled an experienced and constantly trained team. Competence is for us a decisive factor in the quality service we intend to provide.

We pride ourselves on developing close relationships with those we work with, believing that the success and growth of our customers are also our growth and success as a company.

Our Values

We strive for seriousness and professional ethics.

Our main focus is the people we work with and we strive to develop relationships for life. We find suitable solutions, not forgetting the identity of each or each Country. We are a company focused on well serve our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality service.

By presenting our clients with innovative solutions that guarantee value and thus create bonds of trust and unity, always respecting their identity.

Our Vision

We are an innovative company, with motivated collaborators

We focus on creating value for our customers, with a strong commitment to social responsibility.




We store in the best conditions required by the manufacturers, complying with international rules. We have a cold chain.


We have a wide range of suppliers that allows us to provide thousands of product references in the various areas of health.


We are specialists in the distribution of pharmaceutical products. We ensure coverage of the entire national territory, following the Good Distribution Practices.


We export under internationally required conditions: Medicines, Medical Devices, Hospital Supplies and Consumables in all therapeutic areas.


We develop Oncology kits for all pathologies. In this way we guarantee the most complete and effective treatment to the patient.

Oncology Training

We train trainers in the areas of Surgery, Medicine, Pathological Anatomy, Hospital Pharmacists and Oncology Nursing.