We were born in 2016, the result of a dream and the innovative spirit of those who believe that life only makes sense when it is thought and realized. Pharmaceutical market knowers define our lines by levels over time.


Our start

as a company

The first years turned to the Pharmacy business, as a priority goal in order to guarantee experience and then to continue the Company's growth. The Hospitar market was the starting point for the internationalization of it through ONCOLOGY, embracing projects for the development of this Specialty in African Countries. Our mission is to provide, as well as support, these projects, with resolutions. We are trained through a team with experience and constant training so that your skills are the guarantor of a quality service. The development, promotion and knowledge of our clients are priority factors for the growth and development of our Company.

Our Services

Pharmaceutical Distribution

We are specialists in the distribution of pharmaceutical products, ensuring the coverage of the entire national territory.

Medical Oncology

We have developed oncological kits for all pathologies thus guaranteeing complete treatment to the patient.

Oncology Training

We formed trainers in the areas of Surgery, Medicine, Pathological Anatomy, Hospital Pharmacists and Oncology Nursing.

Customer service

We offer a specialized telephone answering service, in which a qualified team answers the diverse requests of our clients.

Pharmaceutical Marketing

We provide thousands of references of health products.


We store in the best conditions required by the manufacturers, complying with international rules. We have a cold chain.