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According to schedule, 2cureX’s clinical partner University Hospital Vejle today enrolled the last patient in the clinical validation study TICC1. In this interventional study, IndiTreat® test results guide the drug treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer who have exhausted guideline-based treatment options.

The TICC1 clinical trial ( no. NCT03251612) was launched end 2017 with the purpose of evaluating IndiTreat’s ability to successfully guide the drug therapy of end-stage metastatic colorectal cancer patients. As planned in the trial protocol, 45 patients have been enrolled and treated in accordance with the IndiTreat® results. This trial is the world’s first interventional trial where patient treatment is guided by 3D microtumor technology.

Appealing method for both oncologists and patients
“The concept of testing the effects of drugs directly on the patient’s tumor cells in the laboratory is very appealing to both oncologists and our patients. Back in 2017 we suggested using the IndiTreat® test to screen a panel of standard and off-label drugs to identify treatments to which the patient was sensitive and exclude drugs the patient was resistant to. It is a great pleasure that we have now completed the inclusion of patients for this trial. The last patient will now be treated according to the test result, and the outcome will be evaluated after eight weeks. The results of the study will be published when all data have been analyzed”, says Lars Henrik Jensen, Principal Investigator at University Hospital Vejle.

Inditreat will empower oncologist to choose the best possible treatment
“At the moment, there is no evidence-based treatment recommendation for patients when guideline recommendations are exhausted. The ambition of the novel IndiTreat® test is to empower oncologists to choose the best possible treatment even for severely sick patients such as those included in the TICC1 trial. We therefore eagerly await the results of this pivotal trial”, says Henrik Harling, Chief Medical Officer at 2cureX.

Important milestone
We have now met a very important milestone, and I want to thank University Hospital Vejle for their forward looking and highly professional management of this trial carried out according to schedule. I believe this study will demonstrate that IndiTreat is able to predict which drugs should be used for the individual patient suffering from colorectal cancer. We started with patients suffering from the most advanced form of colorectal cancer. If our expectations are met, it may result in a paradigm shift in cancer drug treatment”, says Ole Thastrup, CEO of 2cureX. 

Fonte: 2cureX