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2cureX AB (“2cureX”, NASDAQ: 2CUREX) today announces that the company has established a new partnership agreement to support the commercialization of IndiTreat in Portugal and Spain. The partnership agreement will support the company’s efforts to increase commercial activities and interactions with public and private hospitals in these markets.

2cureX is in the process of launching the IndiTreat® test in the European market.

The distribution partnership will help position IndiTreat towards a larger customer base and will utilize the knowledge of our distribution partner in the Oncology networks in both Portugal and Spain.

Partnering with Lab52 in Portugal is an important step forward to expand our footprint in Europe and we see a great opportunity to broaden our exposure to customers and use their knowledge of specific networks within Cancer care” says Maarten van der Linden, Chief Business Officer 2cureX and he continues; “I really look forward to this collaboration, it feels very good that we are making so much progress

We at Lab52 believe that the partnership established with 2cureX in its journey to expand the concept of FPM among physicians, and to be able to provide them, and cancer patients with the new IndiTreat state of the art technology, will mean the beginning of a new era in the treatment of certain types of cancer in Portugal and Spain. We are looking forward to a very strong, and successful collaboration between the two companies” says Armindo Silva, CEO Lab52 Portugal

IndiTreat® capitalizes on a clear market need to go beyond classical genomic testing when tailoring cancer treatment for the individual patient. The IndiTreat test can fill this void by providing functional information on how available drug treatments directly influence the patient’s tumor. The IndiTreat test identifies the drug treatment to which the individual patient is sensitive and just as important, to which treatment the patient is resistant.

Fonte: 2cureX